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There are a lot of options when looking for high quality shooting firearms, gear and accessories. These options not only encompass the specific equipment, but also the place you purchase it from and the knowledge base of the sales staff at that store. A lot of shops' staff like guns, but do they really get out and use the equipment they sell? At Oakland Tactical our staff, shoots long range, competes in three gun and pistol competitions. We understand which piece of gear is a must have or if it is a novelty item that should be passed on. Oakland Tactical is committed to providing top-tier customer service!

Come talk to our experts that use high performance gear on a weekly basis, we will help you make the best decision for your budget.  

Our goal is to make the purchasing process as clear as possible, while minimizing the stress associated with firearm purchases. We encourage first time buyers to choose us, as we have the staff, and time to adequately address any, and all possible questions.

First time gun buyers are inundated with opinions from peers that pigeon hold the buyer to one or two particular options. At Oakland Tactical we aim to give the buyer a "clean slate" so to speak, going through each available firearm to ensure we attain the best possible fit. 

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