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Oakland Tactical

Oakland Tactical

According to Market Watch a company that spots trends in all markets from coffee to stocks. They have identified some interesting trends in global ammunition markets most specifically small arms. They are predicting a global demand and growth of 3.7% by 2025 which on its own does not sound like a lot but will be enough for countries around the world to try to stock up ahead of time to save money and have the ammo they need for war and defense. 

What it means to the US consumer is what it always means. Stock up on as much as you think you will need to train, plink and have for self defense. Don't wait till the prices hit all time highs and you are paying $ a round for 5.56! it has happened recently so don't think it cant again. Material prices and machine time will push the production to the high demand items so stock up on the precision, specialty and oddball rounds you might need.