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The lawsuit continues

The lawsuit continues

These schemes make it impossible to build a range in Howell township. For long-range shooting, there must be distance, and the only area you can get distance on is agricultural land, which Howell township allows golf courses, but not shooting ranges. The last time we checked, Golf wasn't a constitutionally protected right. Howell Township stated in court that you can shoot any weapon at any distance in the township. Really? What if you live in the mobile home park, in a condo, or sub in the township? What if you have 3 acres? Screw your constitutional rights to a range.

We are willing to build a safe and controlled range for people to learn how to handle responsibly and shoot firearms, from handguns to long guns. In the NYSRPA vs. Bruen, the SCOTUS requires a one-step procedure for 2A challenges. Was the 2A Action prohibited at the time of the ratification of the Constitution? For historical context, the revolutionary war had muskets that could reach out past 300 yards Musket Capability. Hunting and home protection were many times at distances greater than 150 yards. By 1853 the Minie' ball what implemented, giving rifles the capability to shoot to 1300 yards. Step to the civil war and combat ranges increased to 500-850 Yards with shots taken effectively to over 1000 yards with optics. 

In 1872 the NRA purchased the Creedmoor range to compete internationally against the British, French, and Irish rifle teams bringing recreational to the international stage.

The grand international rifle-match at Creedmoor - second day shooting at a thousand yards / drawn by A.B Frost

Historically we have proof that long-range shooting and training for the nation's defense and protection of homesteads that distance was required and desired by the vast majority of US citizens. 

With this documented history, how does Howell Township justify saying that the local indoor 25-yard range or the state-run 100-yard range is sufficient to exercise your constitutional rights? They are on the wrong side of the Constitution. 

We will continue our lawsuit to help us get our range and, hopefully, push back against other municipalities that unconstitutionally block ranges.

Howell Township and many municipalities like them refuse to follow the Constitution. Attached is a critical document from Joseph Greenlee on the right to train, Joseph, is one of our time's best 2A thinkers and attorneys. Without him, many of the recent SCOTUS 2A rulings would be dead. 

The Right to Train: A Pillar of the Second Amendment

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