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Best AR-15 Rifles under $1000.00

The Primary Weapons Systems AR style rifle is much more than an AR-15. By using a long stroke gas piston system with a three position gas block you get nearly all the features of $2600 dollar rifles for $1600 dollars less! This rifle has great furniture from BCM along with the BCM trigger.

It doesn't stop there with the upgraded parts. Chambered in .223 Wylde chamber (Don't worry it will shoot both 5.56 and .223) which allows you to shoot 5.56mm NATO rounds more accurately while still being a great .223 Rem chamber, this is the best chamber  for accuracy and keeping the pressure levels safe. We have shot plenty of PWS rifles at Oakland Tactical they are all extremely accurate. The 1/8 twist works well with all ammunition. 

This rifle has the enhanced buffer tube with ratchet QD plate and castle nut, Radian Raptor charging handle and Mlok hand guard. PWS doesn't state all the upgrades on their website but here is what the the guys at PWS say about their product:

"The PWS MK1 PRO line features the tried and true PWS long stroke piston system. This line is perfect for shooters looking for a cost-effective piston system firearm without sacrificing the high-quality standards PWS has been known for over a decade.

Featuring a 3-setting adjustable gas system for users with suppressors, free-float MLOK handguard, Radian Raptor charging handle, extruded upper receiver that integrates an extremely solid handguard attachment system, the MK1 PRO line has an assortment of features ideal for shooters of all levels. Available as a complete upper or complete firearm (both pistol and rifle configurations).

As with all PWS complete upper receivers, they will fit seamlessly to any AR15 lower receiver with no need for add accessories. The PRO line is the best value on the market when it comes to piston driven operating systems, including high-end features and custom components.

While the above is true you still need to add back up iron sights or some type of optic. This is typical of sub $1000.00 rifles. No hate for PWS for not having them. The only minor gripe we have is that the nuts that clamp down the handguard could have been recessed another 32nd of an inch. We are picky at Oakland Tactical

Adding to the overall value, the entire MK1 PRO line comes with the same performance expectations and lifetime guarantee!

We cant really say there is competition in this price range. What you get with most rifles are bad hand guards, bad triggers, cheap foreign sourced build parts. and basic furniture. The PWS does not do this to you. 

If you are looking for a hard use rifle that you can add a silencer/suppressor to and not get a face full of gas this is your rifle. It will provide many years of service to you and will be hard to outgrow. We have never seen a feature rich rifle like this one at this price. Good Job PWS

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