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Our Mission

Our Mission is to build it better and build it stronger because sometimes lives are on the line.

Our goal is to present our customers with the best product at the best possible price. Our products will stand up to the rigors of combat, police and private security operations.

Oakland Tactical is Michigan's premier firearms dealer. We regularly stock ab arms products

We promise to listen to the reviews of the products we offer and will never sell an inferior product. When you work with American Built Arms Company you get people who want you to win because failure is not an option.

Made in the USA

Not because we have to, but because we choose to. We support our country and our neighbors. A strong nation is built on the hard work and ingenuity of its people. The time has come to make a stand and support our local businesses. All A*B Arms brand products will always be Made in the USA!

Honor Our Veterans

Since the inception of this great Nation, many men and women have paid the ultimate price for freedom. The sacrifice our soldiers and their families have made can never be repaid. So, when you see a veteran, stop your busy day, just for a moment and say thank you. This small gesture is well worth the freedoms that we all enjoy each and every day in this great land we call home.

About Our Logo

The origin of the American Built Arms Company logo goes back to the Greatest Generation of World War II. The paintings of pin up girls and other animated objects on the noses of the American bombers, was a tribute to the “Girls back home.” While begun for practical reasons of identifying friendly units, nose art evolved to express the individuality often constrained by the uniformity of the military, to evoke memories of home and peacetime life, and as a kind of psychological protection against the stresses of war and the probability of death.

American Built Arms Company honors those airmen who flew into the Wild Blue Yonder to help defend our great country. Our logo, featuring “Betty the Bomber,” hearkens back to a generation of men who led their country with Honor, Service and Integrity.