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Allen Engineering

In business since 1983, Allen Engineering is proud to announce it's own line of silencers for Modern Sporting Rifles.

After spending many years as the primary manufacturer of silencers for a well established silencer manufacturer, Ron Allen has founded his own company and started making silencers under his own label.

Allen Engineering suppressors are made of out of stainless steel. Stainless steel holds up well, machines well to exacting tolerances and performs well. Using stainless steel helps keep production costs down and we can pass that savings to the customer.

Allen Engineering suppressors use the reflex design. They mount over the barrel and snug against a 20 degree collar further back of the threaded muzzle. Having the reflex portion of the suppressor allows a larger blast chamber, as well as a second index point which helps to keep the suppressor centered to the bore. This allows for the lowest point of impact shift for any suppressor design.

The AE30 and AE22 both thread to a barrel with 5/8 x 24 threads. This eliminates the need for costly muzzle devices. The AE22 comes with a 1/2 x28 to 5/8 x 24 adapter.

The AEM5 uses the Mark 12 collar/muzzle device as a mounting system. This is the perfect addition for your Mark 12 clone. These mounting dimensions are designed on the SPR barrel profile, specified for the Mark 12 rifles.

The AEM2, AEM3, and AEM4 all use a common collar/muzzle device with mounting dimensions designed for the M4 barrel profile.

Allen Engineering products are backed by a lifetime warranty for materials and craftsmanship.


Oakland Tactical is Michigan's premier Allen Engineering dealer. Our store regularly stocks AE product, including their suppressors.