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Aquila Precision Firearms specializes in all styles rifle from hunting to  tactical style to full blown bench rest rifles.  We can build them in practically any configuration to meet the shooters needs. Most of these rifles will shoot .250 groups or better at 100 yards with the work described below, proper optics, correct hand loaded cartridge and the proper skill level. We guarantee them to shoot .5 MOA. 

There are a lot of options available for these style rifles in order to fit them to the shooters needs and preferences.  Most of them will be listed on this page to assist in making the proper choices.  Also there is a checklist at the bottom of the page. 

The following are item and option that are the anatomy of a true custom Hunting rifle.


Action and Bolt

We start with a new Remington Action and incorporate very meticulous machining methods to blue print the action and bolt.  The Bolt is bushed to remove any slop so that everything is concentric with the bore of the barrel to ensure repeatable ignition.

 Aquila also utilizes custom actions. Some of them are pricey but deliver quality results.   Since there is no truing work required on a custom action, sometimes it pays to use one if starting from scratch.  If a custom action is desired, there is a large selection to choose from.  We also carry some in stock and are listed at the bottom of the page.



We have settled with two brands that offer great performance and reliability - Timney and Jewel.  This is an important option on any rifle.  It doesn’t make the rifle any more accurate; it helps the shooter, shoot better.  It is almost impossible to shoot accurately with a heavy trigger pull and excess creep.  We no longer adjust the Remington triggers due to liability and quality reasons. However, the new Mark-X are adjustable is a decent trigger.



Aquila’s preferred barrel manufacturer are Kreiger and Bartlein.  Our customers and we have been extremely happy with the results from these barrels. There are other barrel makers available that also make great products and we will be happy to use other barrel makers if preferred. 


To properly fit a barrel to an action is a very meticulous pains taking job.  We developed several operations that have allowed us to produce consistently accurate rifles and incorporate these into every rifle we make.  Aquila uses a barrel flush system to chamber barrels.  It is absolutely the way to properly chamber a barrel. There is a huge difference in a gunsmith that doesn’t understand the dynamics of a gun barrel and machinist that takes all of the dynamics into consideration when machining and fitting it to the receiver and chambering.  Even the best barrel will not shoot well if not proper machined and fitted 


The crown is the last part of the barrel the bullet touches before it heads down range and it has to be perfect.  We machine them so that they are perfectly concentric with the last few inches of the bore and the bullet makes full contact all the way around as it leaves the barrel.

 Other barrel options are muzzle brakes and fluting.  Muzzle brakes are a must for some of the larger magnum calibers but may not be needed for the smaller ones.  This is up to the preference of the shooter.  Our brakes reduce the felt recoil up to 50%, this is a huge option for some of the larger calibers.

Barrel fluting reduces the weight and looks great.  It does not offer greater barrel rigidity as widely touted.



As with most of the components of the hunting rifle, a quality stock must be used in order to produce accuracy and comfort to the shooter. 

Aquila normally uses H-S Precision, Manners, Macmillan and B&C Medalist stocks. We also go with other makers that our customers prefer.  These companies offer very high quality products that we can get in short order in order to stay with our short deliver times. 

Aquila can also outfit the rifles with rings, bases, scopes and any other accessories that are required.



Aquila uses Duracoat and CeraCoat for most applications.  We have found both to be a very versatile and durable finish.  We go to great lengths to ensure every coating job is perfect, from metal prep to the final spraying.  Just bead blasting the metal and spraying the coating isn’t enough to produce a good-looking finish that will last. 

 As detailed in our coating section, there are a lot of options, colors, and solid or camo patterns….  Even pink.  Just let us know what is required.