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Bravo Company Mfg

Bravo Company started in the garage of a veteran United States Marine in Hartland Wisconsin, shortly after Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

Engineered and built as lifesaving equipment with industry leading mechanical quality control, BCM lifesaving tools serve US Military Special Operations Units, Department of Homeland Security, responsible American citizens and other government agencies at home and around the world. Oakland Tactical is a BCM BRavo Company Manufacturing dealer, and our store stocks their product line regularly. However, BCM rifles for sale, sell extremely quickly. Oakland Tactical is an authorized BCM dealer! 

BCM Recce 16: The Recce rifle was originally developed by US SEAL Team Armorers to provide SEALs with a lightweight modular carbine that had enhanced ballistic performance and utility over an issue M4. Matching the size of an issue SOPMOD, the Recce runs smoother and allows more agile weapons control, thanks to its mid-length gas system and extended handguard.