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Cadex Defence

For 15 Years Cadex has offered their customers complete service from design and prototype to a full production capacity with high quality and service. Its mission is to provide top-quality equipment for the military, special forces, and security fields. From initial concept, through design, to the delivery of the final product, Cadex is the all-in-one solution. Oakland Tactical is Michigan's premier long-range PRS shop. We are one of the very few Michigan Cadex Defence dealers, and their products can be regularly found in our physical, or web, store.


Cadex Kraken: The CDX-MC KRAKEN®, is a multi-caliber rifle using an innovative (patent pending) barrel change system. This multi-caliber system features the lowest shift of point of impact between takedown and reassembly of the same barrel on the market. Cadex CDX-MC uses a traditional barrel-to-action threading system while incorporating a special tool designed to unscrew and torque its barrel from the breech side. A single screw secures the chassis detachable base for fast conversion between short and long action calibers. Maintaining the same P.O.I. is critical at extreme range and the Kraken® surpasses any other multi-caliber system on the market.

CDX-50 Tremor: The CDX- 50 TREMOR®, a 50 caliber Precision rifle built to Military Spec, the rifle is capable of delivering a huge payload accurately while maintaining very manageable recoil. The CDX-50 is a lightweight bolt action rifle that brings new technology to the 50 BMG of years gone by. This is the ultimate extreme range anti-material rifle. We are located in southeast Michigan near Detroit. Easily accessible from anywhere in Michigan.