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Fime Group

This Slovenian manufacturer is known for its highly reliable Rex Firearms. These include the Rex Zero 1 line of pistols which have a proven track record for quality, reliability and precision. Rex Firearms have become a favorite in the shooting sports, tactical shooting, self-defense and every day carry markets. As a manufacturer, AREX has built a trusted brand name for military and law enforcement agencies around the world. AREX introduced its Rex Zero 1 pistol line in the United States in 2016 and currently has over 30 different variations of its standard, compact, and tactical models. Continuing its successes, AREX introduced its tactical compact pistol and competition ready - Rex Alpha Pistol in 2018 and, given the overwhelming support from the industry and shooters alike, it is easy to see how these pistols will continue to be a staple for every US Shooter who demands quality and reliability at very competitive price point.