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As a Glock Perfection dealer we have access to many Glock guns and accessories few shops have. Check us out to get the hard to find Glock handgun you need. We also have a relationship with ZEV, a custom glock and AR manufacturer. Their impressive catalog makes things easy for customers to customize their Glock in any way they want!

Oakland Tactical is Michigan's premier Glock Perfection Dealer. Our Perfection account affords us the opportunity to receive a larger allocation of pistols, and also nets us Blue Label LEO products!

Sometimes the nomenclature of the various Glock models can get confusing! Here are some of the common Glock models and sizes associated with each weapon.

9mm Glocks

  • Glock 17 (Full Size)
  • Glock 19 (Mid Size)
  • Glock 26 (Compact)
  • Glock 43 (Subcompact)
  • Glock 43x (Subcompact+)
  • Glock 48 (Single Stack G19)
  • Glock 34 (Full Size+)

.40 Glocks

  • Glock 22 (Full Size)
  • Glock 23 (Mid Size)
  • Glock 24 (Full Size+)
  • Glock 27 (Comact)
  • Glock 35 (Compact+)


  • Glock 21 (Mid Size)
  • Glock 30 (Compact)
  • Glock 36 (Compact+)
  • Glock 41 (Full Size)
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