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Taran Tactical Innovation

The Ultimate Weapons & Accessories for Tactical and Competition Shooters. We are a fully licensed firearms dealer based in Southern California. Taran started as a small, Glock accessories company, that has slowly evolved into the behemoth it is today. Oakland Tactical is a premier Taran Tactical dealer, and we constantly look forward to his deliveries.  Quote from Taran Tactical:

"Taran has been a valuable asset to Hollywood and the film making business. Taran has trained movie producers, directors and actors including James Cameron, Michael Mann, Jennifer Garner, Collin Farrell, Chris Hemsworth, and Josh Duhamel and the list goes on and on. Taran has worked on location or hosted movie training at his 20 acre range for many films including Public Enemies, Miami Vice, Transformers, The Kingdom, Avatar, and Charlie’s Angels. Taran is a reoccurring guest expert on History Channel’s Top Shot and helps out with choosing guns and equipment to be used on the show."