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Zero Delta

The company’s name ‘ZRODelta’ was originally derived from its first quick-detach scope mount, which provided a true return-to-zero mounting solution. ZRO means ‘zero’ and Delta means ‘shift, change, or difference’, or ‘no difference’ for short. I.E. A user could remove a zeroed optic and mount from a firearm, replace it at a later time, and experience no shift or change in the point of impact of the weapon system. The company’s name was born: ZRODelta.

The company has expanded far beyond mounts, designing and manufacturing industry-leading weapons, parts, and accessories that define innovation.

When we say ZRODelta: The Delta is ZRO, we mean that the difference is ZRO. We are the change within the industry, offering:

  • The most modular handgun platform available today
  • The only semi-automatic precision rifle with a 1/2MOA guarantee
  • World-class OEM parts production solutions
  • Best-in-category mounting solutions

These capabilities, combined with our partnership with the premier precision optics brand US Optics®, has enabled ZRODelta to quickly become the world’s leading Creator of Dynamic Weapon Systems.


Oakland Tactical is a premier ZeroDelta dealer. Our specialty store carries the products our customers need. Refreshed on 6/16/21