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Cadex Defence Tremor Rifle Storm Trooper White 32" Barrel .50 BMG MFG # CDX50-DUAL-50-32

Cadex Defence Tremor Rifle STORMTROOPER Package 32" Barrel .50 BMG MFG # CDX50-DUAL-50-32 in Hybrid White, Comes with 3 Mags, Cadex Falcon Bipod and Fitted rolling hard case. (Scope and Mount NOT Included)  Pictures from Ballistic Mag!
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Cadex Defence Tremor Rifle 32" Barrel .50 BMG MFG # CDX50-DUAL-50-32 In Hybrid White (White Stock Black Action and Barrel) (Scope, bipod and Mount NOT Included)

Looking for a PRECISION 50 BMG Rifle?The new CDX-50 Tremor, a 50 calibre Precision rifle built to Military Sepc, the rifle is capable of delivering a huge payload accurately while maintaining very manageable recoil. The CDX-50 is lightweight bolt action rifle that brings new technology to the 50 BMG of years gone by.


  • Dimensions: 4.25"x8.4"x51.5"
  • Dimensions (Folded Stock): 5.3"x8.4"x42.4"
  • Weight (32" Barrel): 23.0lbs
  • Muzzle Break Ready: Ready to accomodate a muzzel brake or suppressor.
  • V-Shaped bedding system: Provides a stable platform that eliminates any movement of the action in the chassis.
  • Mirage Control Tube: Reduces image distortion from barrel heat.
  • Receiver
  • Bolt: Material Stainless 416
  • Bolt Knobs: Oversized Cross Hatch bolt knob (0.850"x2.625"); Grooved Tactical knob (0.730"x2.8"); Knurled Tactical knob (0.730"x2.8"); Rounded knob (0.981"x2.7")
  • Barrel: In order for Cadex to offer the best extreme long range sub-MOA precision rifle, they selected Bartlein Barrels. Teamed with their Cadex designed 1.680" straight taper, fluted barrel and a threaded muzzle. All Cadex barrels are Match Grade, Single Point cut, 5R rifling with an optimized twist rate.
  • Recoil Lug: Heavy duty recoil lug.
  • Trigger: Single Stage or Double Stage Trigger.
  • Folding Buttstock: Reverse folding buttstock offers bolt handle protection and ultra compact transport.
  • Tool-Free adjustable butt pad
  • Tool-Free adjustable Cheek Rest
  • Tool-Free adjustable length of pull
  • Detachable Base: Removable for trigger maintenance or tuning without need to remove your action and lose your zero.
  • Full length dual top rail: Full length dual top rail available in 20 MOA, 30 MOA, or 45 MOA depending on the model.
  • Grip: Finger grooved rubberized Ergo Grip.
  • Locking Mechanism: Rattle free locking mechanism. Easy manipulation with gloves.
  • Trigger Guard: Oversized trigger guard and magazine release for easy manipulation with gloves.
  • Folding Hinge: Offset cam to remove any free play.
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Returns for incorrect items are accepted in resalable condition. No returns on firearms or ammunition.
Returns for incorrect items are accepted in resalable condition. No returns on firearms or ammunition.
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