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Information on Competitive Shooting

At Oakland Tactical, we consistently have customers coming in and asking us how they can better hone their skills to become better shooters. While we believe that lessons and classes are important, sometimes  the best way to learn is to be thrown into the competitive fire. The various forms of shooting contests translate applicable skills, especially when looking at potential self defense situations. Here we will break down some of the different types of competition, and later list off some local ranges that regularly hold contests.


    • Named the United States Practical Shooting Association.

    • USPSA is considered a “freestyle” shooting sport with both paper and steel target. Shooters compete to see who can shoot stages the fastest and with the most accuracy.

    • Pistol Caliber Carbines are starting to be accepted for use in these contests
  • IDPA
    • Another popular choice for a more "active" event.
    • International Defensive Pistol Association combines some of the themes of USPSA with potential self defense scenarios.
    • Shooters are scored on time and accuracy
  • PRS
    • Precision Rifle Series matches are fast-paced and with much more variation are precision long-range matches that fall under the umbrella of PRS.
    • Shooters are required to move from location to location, using props to help support the weight of their rifles
    • Shooters are often allowed bipods, and, or sandbags
  • 3 Gun
    • Competitors move from location to location shooting a mixed bag of targets.
    • Competitors will be required to use different weapons to complete various sections
    • Shotguns, Pistols, and AR-pattern rifles are used in this event
    • Contestants will be judged on time and accuracy


  • Places to Shoot, and/or compete
    • Linden Sportsmen Club

      • 14343 Hogan Rd Linden, MI, 48451

      • (810) 735-5822

      • Competitions:
        • 3D Archery
        • Airgun
        • Handgun Metallic Silhouette
        • Muzzle Loading Events
        • Practical/Action Pistol
        • Precision Pistol
        • Rifle Metallic Silhouette
        • Smallbore
        • Trap Competition
    • Livingston Gun Club

      • 2440 Hunter Rd Brighton, MI, 48116

      • (810) 229-7899

      • Competitions: 
        • 3D Archery
        • 3 Gun/Multi Gun
        • Airgun
        • Practical/Action Pistol
    • Livingston Conservation and Sports Association

      • 8532 McClements Rd. Brighton, MI, 48114
      • (810) 227-2917
      • Competitions
        • 3 Gun/Multi Gun
        • Airgun
        • Practical/Action Pistol
        • Precision Pistol
        • Trap Competition
    • Howell Gun Club

      • 3210 Jewell Road

      • Howell, MI, 48843-8974

      • (517) 546-4556

      • Competitions
        • Skeet Competition
        • Smallbore
        • Trap Competition
    • Island Lake Shooting Range

      • 13600 East Grand River

      • Brighton, MI, 48116

      • (248) 437-2784

      • Competition
        • Bench Rest
          Skeet Competition
          Sporting Clays/FITASC

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