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.408 CheyTac

Oakland Tactical carries a variety of precision rifles in multiple calibers, including the .408 Cheytac Round. 

Lost River Ballistic Technologies stated that "the .408 CheyTac is the first bullet/rifle system that utilizes a balanced flight projectile. To achieve balanced flight the linear drag has to be balanced with the rotational drag to keep the very fine nose (meplat) of the bullet pointed directly into the oncoming air. It should result in very little precession and yaw at extreme range and allows accurate flight back through the transonic region. This is hard to achieve for small arms projectiles. Mathematically you are at a great disadvantage trying to achieve balanced flight with a lead core non mono metal bullet. The rotational mass/surface area ratio is too high. Cheytac was able to overcome this issue, leading them to develop one of the most accurate rounds, ever.