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50 BMG

50 BMG is the grandaddy of large caliber rifle cartridges. What started as an anti-material cartridge, has found its way into multiple rifle platforms that a guaranteed to deliver smiles, wherever it is fired.

The 50BMG is the largest legal rifle you can buy. Rifles come in single-shot, bolt action, and semi-auto.

The 50BMG rifle has a maximum effective range of a little over 1800 yards. There are several recorded kills by English and Canadian snipers in Afghanistan and Iraq being well over 2500 yards. The record so far is 3,871 yards, using a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle.

The energy level is 13,310 ft⋅lbs or almost 13 times more powerful than a 5.56 cartridge fired out of an AR-15!