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Thermal Scopes

A thermal weapon sight, Is a scope that, as the name implies, uses sensitive electronics to amplify heat, These scopes can be effective out to 1000 yards or more depending on the system. These scopes can usually add contrast by using different screen settings such as red hot and white hot and even can pick up the outline and have it in a different contrasting color to the main heat source.

These scopes work whether or not their is fog, heat, cold or smoke. For civilian use these optics can find game and other animals or even keep you from accidentally shooting another human by seeing if they hunting by foot or in a tree Etc. 

The scope functions by detecting all objects humans, trees, animals, vehicles by their heat signature. It does not matter if it is pitch dark, these scopes rely on radiation emitted from the source. All sources have a slight temperature difference and the electronics create a live image. 

If you are looking for thermal sights for sale by Trijicon, EoTech, Pulsar, ATN please check out Oakland Tactical. We can walk you through picking out a reliable thermal sight with high performance at distances up to 1200 yards. These sights can be used for Hunting, Target and Tactical Use by both civillians, law enforcement and military. We will not ship out of the US.