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Rewards Program

Oakland Tactical Reward Points Policy - (1/27/21)

Breakdown of redeemable coupons
1000 Points: $50.00
500 Points: $25.00
100 Points: $10.00
50 Points: $5.00

  • Rules on redeeming points
    • Coupon must not exceed 20%, of checkout total.
      • For example: You may not redeem a 500 point/$25.00 coupon for a $30.00 item.
    • Coupons may not will not be eligible for use if redeemed value is more than the total cost of the item(s) purchased. (We need to cover our cost)
    • Coupons may NOT be used for ammo purchases of any sort.
    • Coupons, currently, may NOT be used for magazine purchases.
      • We are unable to source any more at the moment.
    • Coupons MAY be redeemed for transfers, fingerprint cards, and in store gun smithing/armorer’s work.



*Additional terms and conditions may apply*

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